Seven Exciting Things To Do For Your Fort Myers Vacation

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If you’ve been to Fort Myers’ beach, the first things you undoubtedly noticed were how bike-friendly the area was and how many seashells had washed up on the coast. A small list has been compiled of the top seven enjoyable things to do in the neighborhood for enjoying an amazing vacation.

There are a ton more activities available in Fort Myers in addition to those listed below. To experience beachy and peachy times at the best beaches in Florida, all you need to do is take condo rentals in Fort Myers Beach, FL.

Find the Shells

You may spend hours searching for seashells because there are over 400 kinds to be found. To collect them, several resorts will even provide you with a free bag.

Kayak At Time Of Sunset

There are no beach sunsets like the ones in Fort Myers. One of the greatest locations to see it is from a boat, kayak, SUP, or just lounging on the beach is the neighboring island of Captiva.

Visit the Nearby Islands by Cruise

Plan an island-hopping trip to discover the pristine islands of Cayo Costa and Cabbage Key. It will seem as though you are on a secluded island. Visit Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant to sample a burger that serves as the basis for Jimmy Buffett’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” according to some.

Attend a Spring Training MLB Game

You can see a spring training game of the Boston Red Sox if you come during the busiest time of year in the spring. Up to 11,000 fans may see the Red Sox often play over 20 games at JetBlue Park, a cutting-edge stadium. With its iconic Fenway franks, the ballpark is referred to as a tiny version of Fenway Park.

Check Out A Microbrewery

Although Fort Myers isn’t usually thought of when one thinks of microbreweries, the region’s first Fort Myers Brewing Company produces a wide range of excellent beers that will suit any taste preference. Play cornhole, have some meals from a food truck, and don’t forget to bring your pet dog.

Consume Gourmet Doughnuts

Bennett’s Fresh Roast offers an abundance of freshly crafted doughnut choices for you to select from. Every month, they produce 15,000 doughnuts and roast close to 800 pounds of coffee. I also had the biscoff latte, which I can’t stop dreaming about, and the maple nut toffee doughnut.

Attend a Pickleball Class

Pickleball is a hybrid sport that combines table tennis, badminton, and tennis. It is paddled and played with a wiffle ball. Though it was created in the 1960s, North America has recently seen a surge in its use. You can study while taking in the scenery of the lake.

The wealth of fun things to do in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, makes it a great place to vacation.

To make the most of your holiday, whether traveling with the family, going on a solo trip, or your honeymoon, you must plan accordingly.