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Founded on Fort Myers Beach in 1976 by the Nesbit family, Kathy Nesbit Vacations, Inc. has earned an impeccable reputation with our commitment to helping homeowners meet all the challenges of maintaining their property in south Florida’s sub-tropical climate. We stand ready to protect your hard-earned asset in the most cost-effective way, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is being cared for by local professionals.

Our Tender Loving Care Home Watch Service is offered to all homeowners on Fort Myers Beach, as well as to owners in our Vacation Rental Program. This wonderful service provides for once-a-month or twice-a-month inspections, and you can customize your level of service at a price point that suits your needs.

You can be assured the Kathy Nesbit Vacations Team is the best at providing Home Watch Services. We have been serving as property managers for over 40 years.  We know every building, every building association, every subcontractor, and every vendor. Our Team’s expertise and experience will guide you as to which maintenance issues need to be handled and how best to handle them. We can assist you in making upgrades to your home, as well as addressing needed repairs.

This island is where we come to work every day and where we live with our families. In good weather or bad, in peak season or hurricane season, we are a Team you can rely on and trust with your most important investment.

Our Tender Loving Care Home Watch Service program goes into full swing May 1st.  All owners should take advantage of this offering and “summarize” their unit.  Summer’s extreme weather means additional stress on your A/C unit and a greater chance of mold and mildew appearing on your walls and fabrics.  It also means the rainy season is here…lots and lots of rain.  Think of what even a small leak can do if left unattended. Those who have signed up for our service feel very fortunate during the Hurricane Season – they can opt to have us prep their property before the storm and to check on their properties afterward.

No other home watch service can offer the benefits of our experience and local resources.

Our general TLC Home Watch Services include:

  •  Check A/C Filter (clean or replace if needed
  •  Run dishwasher
  •  Run kitchen and bathroom faucets
  •  Run disposal
  •  Shut and lock all windows
  •  Flush toilets
  •  Bring in patio furniture
  •  Close storm shutters
  •  Check thermostat and humidistat settings
  •  Check for leakages

For private homes, the following is also included:

  •   Check condition of lawn and landscaping
  •   Check exterior
  •   Test garage doors/openers
  •   Check condition of pool

Additional services include:

  •   Open and Close Your Residence
  •   Pre and Post Storm Preparation
  •   Vendor and Delivery Access
  •   Change Air Filters and Smoke Alarm Batteries
  •   Coordinate Cleaning and/or Pest Control
  •   Schedule repair/installation appointments for maintenance/remodelin
  •   Supply Owner with reputable local sub-contractors

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We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your needs. Please contact our office by clicking on Contact at the top of any page or by calling (239) 463-4253.

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