Top Benefits of choosing Fort Myers condos for rent

If you plan a Fort Myers vacation, you might consider rental condos to choose a place to stay. There are many locations along the beaches across the country like this. Before you settle on one thing, you may want to […]

Relax and Soak in the Sun at Vacation Rentals in Ft Myers Beach

Few cities are as relaxing as Ft Myers Beach, and so it makes perfect sense to live stress-free in a luxurious property in this area. Those looking for a place to live in a relaxed manner should consider vacation rentals […]

Three Things You Must Check Before Renting A Condo in Fort Myers Beach

There’s no denial in saying that Fort Myers Beach attracts an innumerable number of visitors annually. Due to the huge number of tourists, the beach is replete with vacation rentals, cottages, resorts, and hotels. Every year people from all across […]

Airbnb thinks Kathy Nesbit Vacations is AWESOME!

Kathy Nesbit Vacations has just reached a special status as super hosts according to our many Airbnb guests. We have worked very hard to earn this distinction. You can benefit from our superior guest services AND save money by booking […]

The Perfect Workation at Condo Rentals Fort Myers Beach

Few cities provide an ambience as relaxing as Fort Myers Beach in the US. The best way to soak in the true beauty of a place like this is to live in a luxurious stay, some of which may even […]

Enjoy Beachside Holidays with Luxurious Vacation Rentals on Fort Myers Beach

When present in a city as relaxing as Fort Myers Beach, individuals will also want to live at luxurious properties that fit in with the relaxed ambience of the city. This can be made possible by first enquiring and then […]

Advantages Of Vacation Rentals Ft Myers Beach

What’s the most awaited time of the year? Yes, it’s family holidays. These vacations are filled with thrilling and fun-filled activities. But what makes a great beach all depends on the travelers. Some like open, wide stretches of sand while […]

Four Reasons To Stay At A Fort Myers Beach Condo During Vacation

Fort Myers Beach is the place that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The beach is full of hotels, resorts, cottages, and vacation rentals. People come here to enjoy the charm of old Florida, enjoy fresh seafood, and the annual […]

Enjoy Your Vacation At The Best Condo Rentals of Fort Myers Beach

One of the premium vacation destinations in Florida is Fort Myers beach. The pristine beach is famous for its sizzling nightlife and paradise beauty. If you’re wondering where to go on your next vacation, this could be the ideal choice. […]

4 Reasons you Must Rent the Best Fort Myers Condos

The travel industry has changed completely in the past few years. Today, people don’t want to travel just for sightseeing, but they want to experience the local life as well. They are travelling more, and the options for accommodation have […]