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Beautiful View from Clean, Updated Condo

The pros:The condo was recently updated, so the unit itself was beautiful. My first priority with any rental is cleanliness, and this one was very clean. It had newer furniture as well, and the view was absolutely amazing. I spent countless hours watching the boats go by, as well as dolphins and endless numbers of beautiful birds. The beds were very comfortable-which is very important to good sleep.
Suggestions for improvement: It felt as though the unit was strictly a rental. It was lacking “hominess” and had only the very basic supplies. For example, there was no decor on the livingroom walls-which were completely bare. Every rental I’ve been in has had a good amount of supplies in the kitchen-things like salt and pepper, oil, basic spices, Pam, coffee filters, a coffee scoop, etc. I had to purchase all this–and left them behind. I realize rentals accumulate these items over time, but it was more costly for me. The couch, while new, was very uncomfortable. Sofa beds usually are, in my experience. I would replace it with something far more comfortable even if eliminating a sleeping space. Four people in that tiny unit is plenty, really. To improve, the condo could use some nice beach chairs that aren’t the cheaper, heavy metal kind that are impossible to pack to the beach. I purchased the backpack style Tommy Bahama chairs from Costco and then sold them when I left. A beach umbrella and beach cart are MUST HAVE items as well for a beach unit in Florida at this higher level price range. A big issue for us was the lack of cable. For longer stay units such as this one, a television is key for many people. This one had a cheap tv that was not a smart tv. This meant we could not access our Netflix, Hulu, or any other paid accounts that we have. With only the most basic cable available, we had almost nothing to watch. I spent nearly 6 weeks watching movies on my tiny tablet. In 2020, a rental of this caliber needs a decent cable package, and a smart TV. We had a lot of trouble with ants in the first week. They were everywhere!! Although a couple of ant traps were brought to us, the ants were back in force in just a couple of days. We bought the more expensive brand of traps, and put a dozen of them out around the condo and then they were gone for the duration of our stay. Ants are common in the summer there, I know this. I’ve been in Florida in the summer for many years now. But, this infestation was a nuisance.
Working with Kathy Nesbit vacations has, once again, been fabulous. They are easy to work with, respond in a timely manner, and are quick to solve issues. I will continue to use their services when vacationing in the Fort Myers area.

Syrie Y. from Olympia, WA

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