Five Attractions in Fort Myers for Rainy Days

At any time of the year, Fort Myers, Florida is a lovely town to get away to. No matter if your trip is in June or January, expect pleasantly sunny weather. But when it isn’t sunny in Fort Myers, it will surely be rainy, and you are likely in need of some activities in town to look forward to in case of rain.

While vacation rentals Ft Myers Beach are a nice sanctuary in case of heavy rainfall, you likely would prefer to still go somewhere for fun that you can only get in Fort Myers. Here are five attractions in Fort Myers to go for rainy days.

Rainy Days

The Mound House

4512 Connecticut Street is where you’ll find a series of old, yet charming buildings where you can learn all about the Calusa tribe of yesteryear. Go on a guided tour and learn about this mysterious tribe and the land that they lived on. Explore the underground museum and see a series of shell exhibitions. You can also participate in arts and crafts seminars if available. There are various outdoor activities, such as kayak rides, beach walks, and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, but the Mound House provides more than enough things to do in the event of a rainy day.

Ostego Bay Marine Science Center

Located on 718 Fisherman’s Wharf is this educational and fun facility, which is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM. For curious tourists that want to learn about marine life in Florida, they can enjoy several engaging activities. Discover the fertilization process of sea turtles, touch the backs of stingrays, look at and feed fish inside an aquarium, and much more. This is a great place to spend a rainy afternoon in Fort Myers.

Fort Myers Beach Bowl

First opened in the year 1963, this classic bowling alley can be found at 17651 San Carlos Boulevard. Fort Myers Beach Bowl offers a charming bowling space of 12 lanes, but if you are looking for other activities, you can also look forward to billiards, poker, a bar, and various arcade games. While they open every day at 11 AM, consider this a great place to spend an evening after a long, rainy day.

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Periwinkle Place

This quaint shopping district is located on Sanibel Island, 2075 Periwinkle Way. If you are planning a whole day of shopping, this is a great place to do so, especially when it’s rainy. Browse over 20 shops that sell items from clothing to home goods, for men, women, and children. Also consider a relaxing massage at Sanibel Day Spa. The lone restaurant at Periwinkle Place is the Blue Giraffe, an award-winning diner service meal for morning, afternoon and night. Buy Florida apparel to bring home with you or get some souvenirs for loved ones back at home.

Florida Native Butterfly Society

1815 Fowler Street is where you’ll find Fort Myers’ butterfly headquarters. The Florida Native Butterfly Society is where you can go on guided tours to see butterflies in secluded indoor habitats. Learn about all the colorful butterflies you can find in southwest Florida in the aptly-named Butterfly House. Learn about what butterflies eat, how they mate, and what can attract them to your garden. You can also purchase butterflies and nectar plants to take home with you.


If your perfect Fort Myers getaway is met with hours of endless rain, there are certainly a number of indoor attractions that you can go to. Be sure to also rent a Fort Myers vacation home and enjoy a private dwelling in Florida that’s fit for you.