6 Reasons to Rent a Condo While on Vacationing in Fort Myers

If you are looking to enjoy your space, feel at home and get more privacy, then getting Fort Myers Condos for rent might be the best way to spend your vacation. Condos are not only comfortable and spacious, but they are also affordable.

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Vacationing is a great way to unwind and disconnect from the busy day to day hassles. It’s also the best time to connect with your loved ones and create life-long memories. However, you need to prepare well in advance if you are to save yourself from potential headaches and last-minute rush. It’s also a good idea to find a comfortable place to stay and enjoy with your loved ones the same way you would back at home – and that’s where condos come in.

Many tourists prefer staying in Fort Myers condos for rent for a range of reasons. We bet you will, too, after reading these six reasons to rent a condo while vacationing in the region.

Condos are spacious

Condos are designed with family in mind. Unlike hotels which have cramped spaces (unless you go for high-end ones which are very expensive), and are somewhat uncomfortable if you are traveling in a group. Essentially, a hotel room is just a bedroom with an attached bath. Condos, on the other hand, may include a full kitchen, one or more bathrooms, private bedroom give or take.

You can stay together with your loved ones

If you are traveling as a family or group, a condo presents an incredible opportunity for you to stay together. This wouldn’t be possible in a hotel room because you’ll need to spread among several rooms. A condo allows you to stay together, and even hang out in places – around a dining table, on a patio, deck, or the living room.

Plan Your Stay

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You can travel with pests

It is easier to bring your pets along if you are staying in a condo than in a hotel. But since not all rental homes accept pests, you should inquire about this upfront.

Condos are more or less like homes

As mentioned earlier, most condos include kitchen and spaces, just like at home. So, rather than eating out or buying food, you can prepare a sweet homemade dish in a condo. This is not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Live like the locals

One of the greatest feelings while on vacation is to explore and gain insight into other people’s cultures. And since most condos are built in residential parts of the city, you will be closer to the people and have a better knowledge of how they live. But depending on your preference, you may also get condos in fantastic spots, just like hotels.

Get more privacy

You’ll have privacy inside the hotel room, but not outside, like in the corridors or lounge area or the bar. The moment you step outside, you’ll meet staff members and other vacationers. But a condo, on the other hand, gives you more privacy, courtesy of its settings.


If you are planning a vacation and wish to stay in an amazing, yet comfortable space, you should consider looking at condos for rent in Fort Myers.