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Great Location

The location of the complex is great. Plenty of good restaurants within walking distance, good shopping, beachfront property, and a nice pool area with a heated pool. The PH-1 A unit was a little disappointing. There was a portable bar in the unit that took up a lot of room in an already small unit. Although it was a cool bar, It served no useful purpose and took up valuable space. Our biggest complaint however would be the couch in the unit. The leather couch was the only seating in the unit short of the kitchen table chairs. The cushions on the couch WOULD NOT stay on the couch so you were constantly fighting them and felt like you were sliding off the couch all the time. By our assessment, it is due to the couch being a sofa sleeeper (which I don’t see the need for in a unit that would be horribly crowded for more than 2 people) and the mattress is too thick forcing the front of the couch to be lower than the back. I would recommend replacing the couch!

Loved our time in Fort Myers Beach and will certainly be back to the area!

Darrell B. from Winona, MN

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